Hi, I’m Dina Colada.

I help overwhelmed (even struggling) bloggers and entrepreneurs get MORE online traffic and better customers!

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If you've ever felt like a failure online... 

You're not alone.

And I understand because I was a broke blogger for waaay too long.

It was so frustrating to put in hour after hour of writing, formatting, and editing—and have nothing to show for it.

It's depressing and embarrassing

If you're in the same place, and wish there was an easier way (there is)...

Or you're brand new to the blog-o-sphere...

I'm here to show you something that will help you get your blog and business on the right track

The first step you can take is to download...

The Ultimate Blog Post Checklist

When you check the boxes off on your checklist, you'll know you've got everything covered. It works for any kind of blog: food blogs, e-commerce blogs, blogs for artists...

If your articles aren't formatted the right way, you'll miss out on targeted leads to your business. And I NEVER want this to happen to you! 

Using the checklist is the simple solution.

And there's something else...

I’ve noticed two BIG problems people have with their websites.

  1. Bloggers don’t know how to get traffic.

  2. And so many people don’t know how to make money with blogging.

That's why I created Dina Colada Digital.

It’s the place where bloggers and entrepreneurs can get access to traffic-boosting tips, and little-known copywriting secrets that help you  target (and convert) your ideal customer

(Don't worry if you don't know what the word "copywriting" means— because I didn't either)...

Let me explain...

Copywriting is persuasive writing that helps you make sales.

It's that simple! 

Who Dina Colada Digital is for…

Struggling Bloggers

If you have a blog, but don’t know how to to use Search Engine Optimization… you’ll learn how to make yourself FINDABLE.

New Website Owners

Starting a website is a lot of work. You’ll learn how to set a solid foundation that will set you up for SUCCESS

Entrepreneurs Who Want More Customers

Using direct response copywriting techniques on your site is the best way to convert traffic into happy customers.  

It's time to drive more traffic and get more customers

Want more traffic? Hells yeah!

Need more customers? Of course, you do!

Get started today. The world is waiting to find your blog! 

Download The Ultimate Blog Post Checklist Today...

And you'll get traffic-boosting tips for your blog. It's for smart bloggers who want to attract and do business with their ideal client!


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